Berlin Gesture Center


Methods of Gesture Analysis – Workshop

11–14 October, 2007. In collaboration with European University Viadrina at Frankfurt (Oder). Organizers: Cornelia Müller and Irene Mittelberg.



The workshop is designed for doctoral students and post-docs who are already working on gesture. It will consist of two parts: first, an introduction to theoretical and empirical questions and to challenges of working with gesture data and second, a hands-on part where datatranscription, annotation, and analysis will be practiced in small groups. Basic tools for working with multimodal data will be introduced and a discussion of gesture analysis focusing on referential gestures (portraying concrete and abstract referents) and particularly on forms and functions ofmetaphor and metonymy in co-speech gesture will be offered. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to present their ongoing research projects, share their experience and problems, and receive feedback from the workshop leaders and the other workshop participants.

Limited number of participants is max. 12.

Fees: 250 Euros (includes snacks and lunches), non-funded students may apply for a reduced fee (200 Euros).

Housing: Inexpensive accommodation in student hostels or the like is available (between 9 and 16 Euros per night/per person).

Workshop structure:
Seminar-format classes and hands-on practical sessions Classes
Basic tools
– Identification and transcription of gesture phases and form features
– Introduction to annotation software (Elan)
Analyzing gesture with speech
– With focus on referential gestures (concrete and abstract reference)
– Metaphor and metonymy
Presentation and coaching of participants' current research
– Participants will present their current research and bring data samples, questions and problems to workshop
– Feedback will be provided, problem-solving strategies will be discussed in small groups
Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the workshop.

To apply, please submit an abstract summarizing your current research (1000 words plus references) and a copy of your CV.
Submission deadline: August 15th
Notification of admission: September 1st

Please direct your application and questions to
Cornelia Müller,
Irene Mittelberg,