Berlin Gesture Center | Ringvorlesung Bedeutung in Geste, Bild und Text


Vortrag von Elena Grigorieva (Universität Tartu):

Die Jubelgeste (V-Geste) im Internet | The V-figure gesture in the internet.

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2007, 18 Uhr, Franklinstr. 28-29 (Raum FR 3533), 10587 Berlin

I consider gestures within the paradigm of stable graphic figures in evolution of visual culture. I also see this theme within the problem of pattern recognition. Gesture is a visible trace of movement that can be repeated in graphics and thus alienated of the body. These traces can obtain already its separate history that can be studied within iconographic paradigm.
Hand prints belong to the most archaic fixed visual representative forms in the history of humanity. The V-figure appears also independently of hand indexes and should be considered in the connection with /\, <, > and X-figures. These variants differ in meaning but all of them share the concept of spatial radical reduction.
I consider the meaning of V-figure in representing time, first of all in advertisement. I also study V-figure used in lower pop-culture in obscene graphics also in cyber-space.