Interdisziplinäres BGC-Kolloquium


Vortrag von Robert F. Williams (Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin):

Functions of Gesture During Instruction: Conceptual Mapping, Anchoring, and Blending

Montag, 29. September 2008, 19 Uhr , Kiezspinne, Raum "Studentenblume" im 1. Stock, Schulze-Boysen-Straße 38, 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg




My research explores how gesture relates to conceptual models and the construction of meaning. In this talk I explore several functions of gestures produced by teachers during instruction: anchoring conceptual objects, mapping conceptual entities to structures in the world, and adding image-schematic structure. Through these functions, gesture helps build and elaborate the mental spaces used to do cognitive work. The examples in the talk come from a study of time-telling lessons in elementary schools, and the analysis is based on cognitive linguistic research into image schemas and conceptual blending.

The presentation will be in English.